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    adjustable footrest in solidworks

    Mohammad Wattad


      We are want to create an adjustable footrest in solidworks.

      The footrest will be goes up and down, when the user will be push the button on the Paddle.

      In addition, the footrest Will be get a free a desired angle, according to what the user wants - Just put a foot And the footrest will get the desired angle.


      How to create a mechanism that the footrest will be goes up and down in solidworks?

      How do footrest will get the desired angle? we need any detent for it?


      How do you can improve our project?


      Thanks ! a lot,

      Mohammad and Lital,

      Students in Ben Gurion University In Israel

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          Glenn Schroeder

          To get you started, you'll probably want to use Limit Angle mates, under Advanced Mates.  That will let you set a minimum and maximum angle between surfaces, planes, etc.


          And can you show a picture or sketch of what you have so far, or at least what you have in mind?  It's a little difficult to follow or help without more information.