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How do I set the precision for weldment cutlist descriptions without changing the main sketch precision the structural member references?

Question asked by Amon Plyler on Dec 19, 2014

Hello All,

In my weldment drawings I need the referenced dimensions mentioned in the description to have  a precision of 1 decimal place and it currently comes up with 2 decimal places. I'm not allowed by our engineering department to change the precision of the main sketches referenced by the structural members. This makes me at the part/weldment level double-click the structural member sketch to show the dims, hold down ctrl as I select all the shown dims, and then set the precision to the correct value to 1 decimal place. This becomes tedious over multiple drawings with multiple structural members.


I've tried setting units under document properties to 1 dec place, but that only works for sketches I create in the part/weldment not any sketches used to reference our standard weldment profiles.


Is there a better way to set this up to minimize mouse clicks?


Below are show examples of the dimensions I'd like to have show up at 1 decimal precision.