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    Hide / Show Feature Manager Tree area though API

    Oleh Lutsenko



      I'm new to the API so sorry if it is obvious.


      When I open the Model there is a so called "Feature Manager tree area" appears on the left. It could be collapsed / expanded using either "button" in the middle or by F9.

      I want to collapse / expand it though API from add-in I'm working on.


      I found these options so far:

      1. Toggle visibility by calling ModelDocExtension.HideFeatureManager with Boolean param. What I don't like about these approach is that area removed completely but not collapsed.

      2. I can show / hide part of that area - the tree itself - by using ModelDocExtension.FlyoutFeatureTreeVisibility = (int)swFeatureTreeState_e.swFlyoutFeatureTree_ShownExpanded; (three various states). I don't like this approach either because it shows/hides some part of the FeatureManager are but not the area itself.


      Is this possible to toggle area collapsed / visible state programmatically?


      I'm working with SolidWorks 2014. Add in programmed in C#.


      Thank you in advance.