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    Locking a file

    Sid Humphreys

      Afternoon all,


      We have PDM and no it is not installed and probably never will be.  I have for the last time rebuilt, reassembled, and re-repaired my models after other people get into them.  I do not mind people viewing or using them to work their electronic pcbs around, but I do not want them to be able to mess with my file in any way at all.  If they come in to the office before I do or open the files before I do, the damage can already be done before I try to open my files only to see I can only open a copy of the file or files.  They could have saved over the top of my work many times before I see whats going on.  By then all I get to see is RED in the model tree and failed features, mates, and everything else.


      I please need help in locking my files.  Assemblies, parts, and drawings alike.





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          Glenn Schroeder

          So I assume these files are on a network drive.  Would it be possible for you to have a folder on this drive that only you have write access to?  I believe that would allow other people to view your files, but not edit them. 

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            Jamil Snead

            You can set the entire folder or just certain files to Read Only in Windows. Just right click on the file or folder in Windows and choose Properties, then check the box for Read-only. Later when you want to make your own changes to the files you'll need to go back and uncheck this box. The other users would also be able to uncheck the box but if they did that then they'd really be out to screw you over, it wouldn't be an accidental change.


            Glenn's suggestion of having a folder where only you have write access is better, but it would involve messing with user permissions and such. I don't know anything about that but if you know how or have an IT person who can do it for you that would probably be better and easier for you in the long run.

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              Mark Kaiser

              We do exactly what Glenn suggested, here is a screen shot of the folder properties for our SW files.



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                Kamden McHenry

                Mark and Glenn have the best solution if you are not going to put together workgroup pdm.  Workgroup is pretty much designed for that purpose, so I would consider taking the time to put that together.


                Best of luck

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                    Sid Humphreys

                    Believe me.  If it were up to me, I would have started to install or least START to install PDM the day we got it.  1 year ago this month.


                    I'll try the Windows way I guess.  Thanks guys.



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                        Paul Cullen

                        Hi Sid

                        I would suggest that you make a back up of all your parts to an external drive that only you have access to  at least then if someone does mess up your files you would easily be able to over wright them with your backed up files.


                        I would also try using the freeze bar to freeze your parts and stop them rebuilding. This also means that anyone working on the file would have to deliberately unfreeze the feature tree before they could make changes. It would stop them from making changes by accident.


                        It's probably too late now as you probably have 100's of parts but if you have a part modeled that you know is not going to change you could save the part as a parasolid then open the parasolid file and save it as a solidworks part. Now put this new dumb solid part in the folder for everyone to access and keep the original SW part file in a separate folder well away from prying eyes.