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Why can't you flatten a sub assembly made of a weldment into a single line in a BOM?

Question asked by Benedict Kent on Dec 2, 2014

I'm asking as I'm just curious. This stems from my last question about a sub assembly made up of 4 bits of angle frame. There were 2 of the sub assembly in my final assembly but of course (and I can see the logic why) in the bomb it lists the Subassembly as 2 off and then the line below the angle frame 4 off, giving a total of 8 off pieces of angle required.


How come you can't flatten this into a single line so it can be angle frame 8off? I've noticed it with a few other items I have made using weldments too. Just curious, if I have to start adjusting how I do BOMs compared to our manual AutoCAD ones then that's fine. It's just I will be getting asked by others in the company why and I'd rather have a better reason than, that's the way Solidworks does it.