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    Automatically update linked fields in Microsoft Word on opening.

    Melissa Mills

      I am linking fields in a Microsoft Word template to an EPDM data card using these instructions.  I have created the word template and saved it in EPDM where it can be accessed by the EPDM template.  I then created an AutoOpen macro to automatically update fields upon opening. The AutoOpen macro works on my computer but no one else’s because that’s where it was created.  I then followed instructions for transferring the macros to another  computer.   My concerns are that it seems that following macro transfer instructions means that I will overwrite any existing macros and the macro will run every time a word doc is opened, not just this one.  Any ideas how to insert a macro into the normal.dotm file on everyone else’s computer without overwriting?

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          Jeremiah Davis

          Hello Melissa,


          There could be a couple of things at play here.


          First, is the macro saved with the document? Meaning is it sent with the document or is it saved as a local macro?


          Second, is everyone else's trust center setup to allow macros?


          If you would like, the 2014 EPDM training files include a couple of word documents that have this macro stored inside them. It should be easy to download the training files from the SolidWorks website and review these files.