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    Mass Replace of item in vault

    Tim Turpin
      Is it possible to do a mass update or replace within PDMWE and Solidworks?

      Example: Replace pn 123456 (1/4-20 x 1.0 bolt) with pn ABCDEF (1/4-20 x .75 bolt). Do a mass update or replace in all assemblies where the pn is used.

      Thanks for your comments and suggestions.

        • Mass Replace of item in vault
          Jeff Sweeney
          Tim! You always have these hard problems! What kinda place do you work for!

          I did a mass update on my VariableValue table in SQL and it worked, updated my datacards as I expected, but then when I checked out the part, changed it, and checked it back in (purposely not updating the file property) the data card when back to the file property [original] value. So unless you need to change another table that I don't know about it, directly editing the database is only a temporary fix.

          You could get pretty fancy and temporary connect your part numbers to your folder data card and use the "Update values in files" option in the folder datacard. It is pretty powerful with a lot of filters.

          ...or API could certainly do it. If all the files are editable, it wouldn't be too painful to write.