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    Problem with project Name in EPDM

    Masoud Hezari


      i go to EPDM folder and generate new Project

      when go to construction of this project and want to build new Part or Assambly

      Name of them is not the same as project



      for example my project name is 1580-**** but when I try to create new part or assamply

      their Number begin 1508-A0001

      or 1508-P0001

      I do not understant what's the reason.

      Also If i renamed them to correct name and want to put some assmbly inside Assambly

      Error Note:(you can't put templete inside templete )

      Please if some body knows the reason help me.


      Thanks Masoud

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          James Guilford

          Are you using a template to create the new part? if yes, are you using the serial generator as %variablename% as the part number?

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              Masoud Hezari

              to answer your question yes I use EPDM to create new part and Assembles and in EPDM all have their own templetes

              serial generator is running by EPDM it means when you go to folder of new project and -new -part

              then it generate automaticly Document No....it is include :  Project No and part or Assembly No.

              problem is the generated no. is not correct

              it's not coming from project no .

              I have folder include project 1508 and my new project 580

              parts and assembly No.is not follow project No ..instead of 1580-A0001

              it is 1509-A0001

              I don't know why??

              can you help

              Now I go to another folder (in other path) and make project the No. become correct then completly copy  all project folders and parts after finishing to correct path

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                  James Guilford

                  Hi Masoud,


                  I'm not sure if I fully understand what you are trying to do. However,there are different ways of doing this, for example, you can have the user to select the project in the template form and have that mapped to the name of the part. For example, if the user selects project 1508 then the part number would be %projectnumber%- serialgenerator


                  I hope that helps.






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                      Masoud Hezari

                      Hi James,

                      thanks for you answer.

                      But,I can solve the problem by just generate new project to other folder.

                      Now , I have another problem .please if you have any Idea just let me know.

                      We usulay use our prevoius project to begin new one becouse alot of items are the same or up to 70% like previous project.

                      First i try to use Pack and Go and Copy Tree.but both don't have same problem about linking copy file and flder to source project.

                      How can i omit this link.

                      I have problem about copy tree Tools and Pack and Go.It means when we use them for do not design whole SubAssy , Assy and Parts one more time from begining in new project .for example we have project 130045 and now want to copy all files to project 130092

                      unfortunately,in Data card project no after copy for all files are 130045 not 130092

                      But result of Tree copy have these faults

                      1-In new Project all files linked to previous project and you can see in their Data Card

                      2-New project No is not effected on files and you see project No. belong to previous project

                      Do you have any solution for me?

                      Best wishes