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    Drawing Balloons to pick up on Assemblies not Parts

    Nick Hayman

      Afternoon All,


      I've been having an issue with creating an automated balloon note.


      How can i get my balloon to show the sub assembly rather than a part?




      I have a main assembly with some sub assemblies in it and in those sub assemblies i have some parts. A typical model.

      I would like to draw the main assembly, normally i would create a 3D view. I now want to balloon this 3D view with the saved names of the sub-assembly number.


      Normal functionality within the balloon button will only pick up on the actual part and not the assembly that it is in.


      Has anybody found a way to resolve or work around this? I would imagine its come up a few times before?


      If anyone has a fix or a work around using API or any other please let me know.


      Many Thanks in advance.