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Drawing Balloons to pick up on Assemblies not Parts

Question asked by Nick Hayman on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2014 by Nick Hayman

Afternoon All,


I've been having an issue with creating an automated balloon note.


How can i get my balloon to show the sub assembly rather than a part?




I have a main assembly with some sub assemblies in it and in those sub assemblies i have some parts. A typical model.

I would like to draw the main assembly, normally i would create a 3D view. I now want to balloon this 3D view with the saved names of the sub-assembly number.


Normal functionality within the balloon button will only pick up on the actual part and not the assembly that it is in.


Has anybody found a way to resolve or work around this? I would imagine its come up a few times before?


If anyone has a fix or a work around using API or any other please let me know.


Many Thanks in advance.