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    Unable to use Sketch.RelationManager.[I]AddRelation in C# / COM app

    Vladas Sidlauskas



      I want to add a coincident relationship between SketchPoint mySketchPoint and SketchLine mySketchLine using Sketch.RelationManager.[I]AddRelation in C# / COM app (SW2013 SP3)

      I tried:


      object []Objects = new object[2];


      Objects[0] = mySketchPoint;

      Objects[1] = mySketchLine;


      int RelationNo = (int)swConstraintType_e.swConstraintType_COINCIDENT;


      Sketch mySketch = (Sketch)this.SWModel.SketchManager.ActiveSketch;


      mySketch.RelationManager.AddRelation(Objects , RelationNo);

      // gives 'System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException'


      mySketch.RelationManager.IAddRelation(2, ref Objects , RelationNo);

      // gives 'System.InvalidCastException'


      AddRelation argumens are (object Entities, int RelationType)

      IAddRelation arguments are (int NumEntities, ref object EntityArray, int RelationType)


      Any hint is very welcome.



      Vladas S.