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    Is it possible to lock the Computational Domain in Flow?

    Chris Michalski

      (This is more of a rant than a question)


      I'm stuck in 2011 so it might have been "improved" in newer versions of Flow...  I'm wondering if you can lock the computational domain yet? 


      Everytime I make a change to a model it brings up the "model has changed, do you want to reset the computational domain".  The default is YES.  But I've set the domain as I want it for external simulations of this model assembly.  It's a real pain  when you're working on doing a lot of things and it changes the domain to something ridiculous to have to open a previous configuration to determine the dimensions to reset the domain.

      I know you can get around this by turning off Automatic Rebuild, but I like everything about auto rebuild except the desire to "update" my computational domain.