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What objects are valid for the center point of an array?

Question asked by Jason Parker on Sep 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2014 by Jason Parker

I'm trying to perform a simple circular pattern array on a number of features I've modelled, but the problem I'm having is simply the center point of the array.  I've started with an imported .SAT file, and the typical base planes (Front/left/right/etc) are completely unrelated to the model.  I've tried to sketch a circle for my center point, I've placed a plane across the middle point (obviously plane won't work for a centerpoint) but I'm really struggling here.  I know my center point, (I have a construction circle here, but it's invalid as a center point.)  I know I have my objects properly selected, it's extremely frustrating, I wish I could use a construction line, or something I could just know is correct for the rotation point.


Thanks in advance!