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    Inserting component puts it in the weeds

    Andrew Kronquist

      I have a part that, for some reason, goes way out in the weeds when I add it to an assembly. I can't figure out why it's so far away.


      The green part is the problem.


      If I rotate the view more, the part is so far away I can't see it with the model also in view.

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          Matthew Watts

          I had the exact same problem, and some tips I received in this thread helped me:


          Inserted Parts Are Placed Far From Assembly, specifically the one I marked as "correct" worked for me.


          I still am not perfectly clear on why it is happening.  In my situation it seems to do with the fact that my "in the weeds" part was made from a sketch I ripped from Autocad.  In Autocad, the "drawing sheet size" that surrounded it was giant, and it gets imported into SolidWorks almost as if it is part of the SW part itself.  Not sure if that is where your part sketches came from, but that is what happened in my specific assembly.


          Hope that helps.

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            Andrew Kronquist

            I was able to keep it from going off in space by doing a normal view on the right plane. The other two planes didn't work. Of course, none of the other parts do this, so it's still a mystery but now with a workaround. Thanks!

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                Joe Kuzich

                     Is the green cap part located at the origin at the part level?


                     I had run into this problem as well.  In my case the cause was the location of the sketch in the AutoCAD drawing.  In AutoCAD the 2d sketch was not at 0, 0, 0.  So when I inserted the AutoCAD drawing into SW it would locate the AutoCAD 0,0,0 with the SW origin and the sketch would be way off to the side.  I wouldn't notice that and I would extrude it to the part I needed.  When I inserted it into an assembly the location I picked would locate the part origin in that location in the assembly making the part way out there.


                There are 2 ways I use to fix this.

                1) If you go into the AutoCAD file (before creating the SW part), you can move the line work to 0,0,0.


                2) If you already have it in SW you can edit the sketch and move everything to the origin.


                If the part you are making is a native SW part you can try checking to see that at the part level the origin is close to the part.