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    VBA runtime error when using PDM checkIn function

    Thomas Granzow

      So im trying to write a makro to automate the name generation and the check in to the pdm Vault. The makro works fine to the point where the checkIn function is used.


      I get the runtime error´-2147220968 (80040218)

      There is no valid client license on this machine


      The manual check in works fine and i can delete files from the fault via API.

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          Deepak Gupta

          Kindly share the complete macro OR codes to debug.

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              Thomas Granzow

              Dim myPDMConn As New PDMWorks.PDMWConnection


              Dim myProperty As PDMWorks.PDMWProperties


              Dim myProperties As IPDMWProperties


              Dim myPDMWSearchOptions As PDMWorks.PDMWSearchOptions


              Dim mySearchCriteria As PDMWorks.PDMWSearchCriteria


              Dim results As PDMWorks.PDMWSearchResults


              Dim result As PDMWorks.PDMWSearchResult


              Dim andOr As PDMWorks.PDMWAndOr


              Dim propertyTypeName As PDMWPropertyType


              Dim propertyTypeRev As PDMWPropertyType


              Dim condition As PDMWConditionType


              Dim myDoc As PDMWDocument



              Dim slwLink As Object

              Dim currentPart As Object

              Dim longstatus As LongLong, longwarnings As LongLong

              Dim saveOptions As swSaveAsOptions_e

              Dim saveErrors As swFileSaveError_e

              Dim saveWarnings As swFileSaveWarning_e


              Dim filename As String

              Dim project As String

              'Dim partNumber As String

              'Dim Description As String

              'Dim note As String

              Dim i_revOption As PDMWRevisionOptionType

              'Dim Revision As String

              'Dim lifecycle As String

              Dim RetainOwnership As Boolean

              'Dim References As Object

              Dim checkInReturnValue As PDMWorks.PDMWDocument

              Dim returnValueDelete As Integer

              Dim deleteString As String


              Dim value As Long

              Dim valueCount As Long

              Dim hey As String



              Dim Number As Long


              Dim cnt As Long


              Dim strDocName As String



              Sub Main()




                  andOr = pdmwAnd


                  propertyTypeName = pdmwDocumentName


                  propertyTypeRev = pdmwRevision


                  condition = pdmwContains


                  saveOptions = swSaveAsOptions_Silent


                  saveErrors = swFileNameEmpty


                  saveWarnings = swFileSaveWarning_NeedsRebuild


                  i_recOption = Default



                  Set slwLink = Application.SldWorks


                  Set currentPart = slwLink.ActiveDoc


                  Set myPDMConn = CreateObject("PDMWorks.PDMWConnection")


              'Verbindungsaufbau zum Tresor-------------------------------------------------------------------


                  myPDMConn.Login "admin", "adminPW", "server"






                  Set myPDMWSearchOptions = myPDMConn.GetSearchOptionsObject



                  If Not myPDMWSearchOptions Is Nothing Then


                      myPDMWSearchOptions.IgnoreCase = True


                      myPDMWSearchOptions.IgnoreLinks = False


                      myPDMWSearchOptions.IncludeHiddenDocuments = True


                      myPDMWSearchOptions.SearchConfigSpecificProperties = False


                      myPDMWSearchOptions.SearchOnlyChildrenOf = ""



                      myPDMWSearchOptions.SearchCriteria.AddCriteria andOr, propertyTypeName, "", condition, "sldprt"


                      myPDMWSearchOptions.SearchCriteria.AddCriteria andOr, propertyTypeRev, "", condition, "00"



                      myPDMWSearchOptions.SearchCriteria.SaveToFile "P:\MedFact Standard Blattformate\Makros\cri_test.sqy"


                      myPDMWSearchOptions.SearchCriteria.LoadFromFile "P:\MedFact Standard Blattformate\Makros\cri_test.sqy"


              'Erhalten und auswerten der Ergebnisse-------------------------------------------------------------------




                      Set results = myPDMConn.Search(myPDMWSearchOptions)


                      If Not results Is Nothing Then


                          cnt = results.Count


                      End If


              'Speichername mit Counter zuweisen und Dokument schließen-------------------------------------------------------------------


                      cnt = cnt + 1


                      filename = "P:\Endodrill II\" & cnt & ".SLDPRT"


                      longstatus = currentPart.Extension.SaveAs(filename, 0, saveOptions, Nothing, saveErrors, saveWarnings)


                      slwLink.QuitDoc currentPart.GetTitle


              'Einchecken in die Vault-------------------------------------------------------------------


                      'deleteString = cnt & ".SLDPRT"




                      'returnValueDelete = myPDMConn.DeleteDocument(deleteString)


                      Set checkInReturnValue = myPDMConn.CheckIn(filename, "sample", "1001", "sample prt", "Check in via API", PDMWRevisionOptionType.Default, "00", "WIP", False, Nothing)


                  End If




              End Sub

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              Santosh Pawar

              Hi Thomas,


              Modify the path environment variable to include C:\Program Files\Common Files\SolidWorks Shared, restart the machine.


              Take a look at the pdf attached to last post at following link for details,