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Weight in title block accuracy is too high / units options doesn't change it (For Drawings)

Question asked by Dave Krum on Sep 15, 2014
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Good morning all,

For some time I've been ducking this issue with weight being shown in the title block with too much decimal accuracy so figured I'd do some checking and post a question here.  In my parts, I typically have the decimal accuracy set fairly high but for the drawing, the accuracy is usually only to 2 decimal places or less.  For my drawings, the accuracy from the part shows up for the weight which is to 4 decimal places.  I've read both here and on the web that changing the units precision (under document options / units) for length should fix this but it appears to have no bearing on the weight.  I'm on SW2010 and maybe it was corrected in later versions?  I've attached 2 screenshot snips as well as links to 2 applicable questions.  For the second link, it was suggested to make an equation that tells the drawing weight to be a lower precision from the model.  Is this the easiest resolution since the options box doesn't appear to work?  Thanks in advance for any help.


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