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Solidworks freezes every time I try to save my work. Anybody has experienced this ? help!

Question asked by Jonathan Gjemso on Aug 26, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2018 by Alex Kassell

Hello I am new to this but thought of giving it a shot!


I am working on an assembly, open a part under the assembly to edit, and once I am done with any changes I click "save" and it automatically freezes. It will not allow me to minimize the window, close the window or anything else, the only hing I can do is open task manager and close the program that way and of course my work goes UNSAVED. this problem occurs whether i use a big assembly file or i use a "dummy" assembly consisting of a sphere and a block.


can anybody give me some advice ? I have had solidworks running on the same laptop for 4 months and this was never an issue ! I recently installed the new 2014 version and the problem begun.


Thank you !