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    how can I change a language?

      how can I change a language?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SW forums Taras


          Where you looking to change the language. SW will use the language you specified during installation. If you looking to use English (thought you have installed a differnt language), then go to Tools > Options > General and select the following two options:


          1. Use English language menus. (Available  if you specified another language during installation and the regional options  in the Windows Control Panel are set to  that language).

          You must exit and re-start SolidWorks for this change to take place.


          2. Use  English language feature and file names. (Displays feature names in the  FeatureManager design tree and automatically created file names in English.  Existing feature and file names in a foreign language do not update when you  select this option).


          This option is available when Use English  language menus is cleared, you are running the SolidWorks software on a  foreign language operating system, and you installed SolidWorks for that foreign  language.



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            Scott McFadden


            Deepak is right, in that the language is set on the install of Solidworks.

            Looking at the help file, there is no setting that changes this.

            What you can do is go to control panel>add remove programs>select solidworks and hit the

            change button.  See if going through this process will allow you to do it.

            If not I am afraid you may have to uninstall, clean out the registry and reinstall with the

            language of choice.

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              Jim Wilkinson

              Be warned Feng; this is a hack so it is not supported nor will it provide a complete solution. There are many things in SOLIDWORKS that use standard Microsoft user interface, so if the operating system is not also set to the language, using this hack,  you will see some English along with the other language.


              I just didn't want people to be mislead that this is a method suggested, promoted, or supported by SOLIDWORKS.