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    mirrored component in assemblies

    Naushad Ali Azim

      dear all,

      i'm trying to get the mirrored component in assembly as a same part indication in bom,,, i e i need the mirrored component to be added with the parent one in bom??????? reply asap

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          Jamil Snead

          If the part is not symmetrical and you have a mirror of it, it would not be the same part, so SW will not list it as the same item. If you are just using the mirror to locate a new part but it actually is the exact same part, then you deselect the "Create opposite hand version" box in the mirror command.


          Or you could just insert the part again and locate it with mates.


          If you actually do need an opposite hand mirror but want it as one item in the BOM then you have a couple options. If you created the mirror as a configuration within the same part, then in your BOM options under Part Configuration Grouping you can select the bubble for "Display all configurations of the same part as one item".


          Or if you created the mirror as a separate part file, then you can make the configuration name of the normal part and the mirrored part the same name, then check the next bubble for "Display configurations with the same name as one item". However if you have other parts with the same configuration name (like several parts with only a "Default" configuration) then those will merge into one BOM item as well.

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              Voinea Ionut

              hi, could you please help me in figure out how to make the right handed mirror whit the same name as the original part that i want to mirror, so in the end i will get a corect count in the Bom? thanks

              Ps: i tryed working whit the configurations, but i work with in context assambly so somehow the mess it up, and dosn't work propetly.