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    Can I change a version free variable to a standard one?

    Bryan Nathan

      We needed to put procedure numbers onto all of our data cards. Since the models were already released we did this using version free variables. But now we would like to show the procedure number on our drawings (when we make a revision). Does anyone know if it will forget the values that were previously assigned using a version free variable? I would like it to populate the custom property on my models so that my drawing format can then automatically read it in.



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          Brian McEwen

          Not sure, but I think it will not forget the value, and simply change the variable type.  I recommend testing in a sandbox vault - a copy of your vault. 


          Here is another thought tho.  You may not want to give up the easy changing of Version Free (VF) variables. You can create another variable and write the VF variable to it as a transition action, at the appropriate state change.  So the user changes the VF the same as you are doing now. Then map that standard Test Procedure variable to the drawing and model.


          (By the way you need to add a $PRPsheet Attribute - only for .sldrw extension - to copy from model to drawing data card).


          The biggest potential complication is searching. Need a box for each, or a way to search both - if you want to search historical values...  If you just want current values then the VF variable should have it. 

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            Mike Sveda

            If you do change it from VF to Standard, your files will NOT automatically have the value written to the custom properties.  Best to do the other solution and use a new variable that copies the data from the VF variable.  Then setup a transition to write the new variable data to the files. 

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              Rob D

              A variable is stored behind the scenes as a number and that's it. The variable "Variable1" is mapped to a number, forgetting the column name, so I'll just say "VarNum". So, let's say VarNum for Variable1 is 101.


              In data cards using "Variable1", in reality "behind the scenes" it's using 101.


              Now, when you switch the variable name from Variable1 to Variable2, it is still mapped to 101, and the cards still use 101. Problem being, it maps the name to number on the cards, so you do have to go into the cards and catch the changes (or at least that's how it's been for us during development). This is for changing the name though, but I think changing the configuration of the variables (type, attributes, etc) will not have this effect.


              So I wouldn't worry about current data being modified or changed if you modify how the variable is named and configured.


              Certainly I would test it out on a batch of files before proceeding trough though, and let us know how it turns out!




              edit: is the version free status the only thing being changed or are you modifying the attributes?

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                Bryan Nathan

                I wonder if I could setup a temporary variable "Proc-temp". I could then change my current "Procedure" from version-free to a standard one. The loop could copy Procedure -> Proc-temp. And then follow that up with a copy from Proc-temp -> Procedure. I could loop the files to a temporary state and then back to their original state. I could do this to all files that have procedure already filled in. Any thoughts/opinions on why this wouldn't work?