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    2012 64bit lagging with Good PC

    Carl Jennings

      Hey guys,


      I've been using Solidworks for a while.  I'm currently on a computer with the following specs:

      FX-8320 (8-core 3.52 will overclock to 4.0)

      16GB RAM

      2x128GB SSD Raid 0

      AMD R9 270X



      Anyway, I'm having a lot of lag issues while trying to just make signs by creating points and connecting them with a spline.  Is there something I'm missing?  My Undo option is greyed out, and whenever I open my model SW says it's large and turns off my Auto-Solve.  It's not even an assembly, just a sketch.  If anybody can give me some help, I would appreciate it.

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          Kelvin Lamport

          Change the Radeon for an approved card (FirePro or Quadro).


          FYI, having the SSDs in Raid 0 is just wasting storage space, with little to no speed benefit.

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              Carl Jennings

              This machine wasn't purpose built for solidworks, so the r9 270x is staying where it's at.  As for SSD performance in Raid 0, some say it helps, some say it doesn't.  I ran some benchmarks and it gives a small advantage.  How is it a waste of storage space?  You're using space from both drives, you're just splitting up the data.  The biggest hit is the inability to use TRIM with AMD Raid controllers.


              Thanks for the assistance, however, I'm looking for a solution that doesn't concern changing out hardware.

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                John Burrill

                Yeah, I was going to say, first thing, dump the Raid 0.  Second your Radeon card doesn't support multiple accelerated windows, so you're probably seeing some hits when you open more than one document at a time.  If you have no option to bring this system up to spec, you're just going to have to deal with the bumps.

                The other issue comes up when a sketch goes over a couple hundred relations.  The constraint solver can grind to a halt. Try turning portions of your sketch into blocks.

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                    Carl Jennings

                    The only reason I would undo the Raid is because it runs on the AMD chipset.  I might look into it this weekend, but I really don't see it hurting my performance.  I think you're probably right about the relations.  I'm putting a lot of detail in some of the sketches and it's reaching well over hundreds or points and splines.  I'm also going to try some modified drivers to see if I can't get FireGL working with the 270x.  Thanks!

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                  Jerry Steiger



                  SolidWorks isn't particularly good at handling sketches with lots of entities. When I bring in moderately sized mold designs that are 2D, my system bogs down a lot, compared to its performance in 3D or with smaller drawings. I suspect that is what is causing your problems. If your signs are 2D I would try DraftSight or some other 2D software.


                  Jerry S.