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    Inserted Parts Are Placed Far From Assembly

    Matthew Watts

      I have problems when inserting parts into my assembly workspace.  I always have the beginning assembly/part mated to the origin, but when I insert other parts into free space (such as custom made bolts), I cannot get them to stay in the work area.  I place them all in a group right beside my assembly, and when I rotate the view to get a better look before individually mating them, they fly way off-screen.


      Of course, they aren't really gone, but they are actually placed 35,000 mm (see attached image) from where I actually visually placed them, so I have to zoom out and struggle to locate them.  Using Zoom to Selection to find them from the feature tree doesn't help, because once you're there, there isn't much you can do, other than click part of the object, zoom back in 100x and hope once you get back that you can temporarily mate them to force them back into the right area.


      Surely there is a simple way to "round up" all free floating parts into a common area, so that I do not have to go through this.

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          Thomas McMahon



          Try orienting your assembly normal to a plane in the default coordinate system and then inserting the part. If your view is normal to the FRONT plane, the part will be placed on the FRONT plane right at your cursor location. When you rotate your assembly it will still be on the FRONT plane, where your cursor last was.


          Otherwise, there is no way to automatically insert parts at a specified location that I know of.



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              Matthew Watts

              Thank you, this seems to help.


              Part of my problem seems to stem from the fact that I am using a sketch copied from a 2D AutoCad Drawing, and then pasted on my front plane to make my SW part.  So my sketch line drawing comes in the correct overall size to extrude from, but the workspace surrounding a Drawing created in CAD can be infinite (based on my limited AutoCad knowledge).


              So when you are rotating your finished part, the plane has been made artificially and extremely large by the unneeded infinite invisible workspace, when all you actually need to work with is the 80x80mm sketch in the center of your screen.

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                  Thomas McMahon

                  Try right clicking the FRONT, TOP, and RIGHT planes (default planes) individually and selecting "Autosize." This will automatically resize those planes based on the part or assembly size.

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                    Jeremy Feist

                    yes, imported sketches from acad will map the 0,0 to the origin. so if the acad sketch was not near the origin, your part won't be either. it is generally worth your time to edit the imported sketch to logically place it relative to the origin (and to fully define it) once you get it into SW.

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                      bill campbell



                      All CAD systems have a zero. AutoCad never exposed the concept of zero and it's users started on a blank piece of paper therefore you never knew where zero was located.


                      Turns out in parametric models, we like to know where zero is located because we use the 3 datum planes front, top & right consistently when build parametric parts.


                      Try moving the imported sketch entities to a better location around zero. The best location will be based on your design intent and will make for a robust model. Failure to do so will result in a data structure that's not easily editable in the top assembly and therefore not really a top down design.


                      FYI when ever I import geometry from the web or another CAD system. I alway clean it up before adding it to my assembly.


                      Good luck,