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    Trying to select renamed Front Plane

    Andrew Wilford

      I am trying to select the Front Plane, which has been renamed in the part template file.


      I have enumerated the part features and found the three plane features. I have tried using GetSpecificFeature2 to convert the IFeature to an IRefPlane and doing a straight cast


      IRefPlane* refPlane = (IRefPlane*)feature;


      I then try to use IGetRefPlaneParams and get_Transform to get the plane normal to see if it is the Front Plane. The code keeps crashing and the examples don't help. There are so few useful C++ examples.


      Does anyone know how to achieve this in unmanaged C++?

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          Artem Taturevych

          You need to call ->QueryInterface (not direct cast) from the IDispatch returned from GetSpecificFeature2 to get the valid pointer to IRefPlane*.

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            Andrew Wilford

            Thank you, that worked. Here is a code snippet, in case anyone needs to do something similar:


              IDispatch* dispatch = NULL;

              IRefPlane* refPlane = NULL;


              HRESULT hr = dispatch->QueryInterface(__uuidof(IRefPlane), reinterpret_cast<void**>(&refPlane));

              if(refPlane != NULL) {

                  double *data = new double[16];


                  if(fabs(data[6]) < 1e-6 && fabs(data[7]) < 1e-6 && fabs(data[8] - 1.0) < 1e-6) {