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    Deleting faces out of imported model

    Divyanshu Thakur


      I want to build a frame for our next Formula Student vehicle. I have found a really good model of a Honda CBR600RR engine. The problem is that the original model has a stock airbox on top of it which we don't need as we are going to design our own intake manifold. Since it is an imported model, I tried running featureworks on it but it shows that some of the surfaces are not supported by featureworks. Is there another way around on how to delete the airbox on top? I have highlighted the airbox with the section view.



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          Eric Irwin

          It might be as easy as using the "Delete Body" command, but that really depends on the model.  "Delete Surface" will definitely do the trick, but it will take a lot longer and a lot of selecting.  Hopefully you could use a window selection to get most of it.


          I really would not try to run this through FeatureWorks, it will be a nightmare.  It sounds like you only need it as a reference, so leave it as an imported body and put it into your assembly.


          If you include the model of the engine in your post, we might be able to help you a little more.

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            Mark Biasotti

            Hi Divyanshu,


            If the model is not yet solid, you are going to have a very difficult time managing and dealing with it (from a visual performance and integration with your other solids.) First try to get it solid by using import diagnostics, then if that does not repair it, then manual find the problems and using surfacing to repair. Once solid, if it is one entire solid, you can use extrude cut to cut away most of the air box and then use delete face and replace face to eliminate what you can't cut away.


            If the airbox is it's own surface or solid, like Eric suggests you can delete it as a surface or solid body by selecting it from the surface or solid body folder and hitting your delete key.