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    Threaded hole callouts with modified hole callout format file.

    Greg Kramer

      Hello All


      I am working on setting up network locations for some of our default templates and format files and am having problems with the modified hole callout format file, HCFF. First off, I have modified the HCFF to callout only the thread type, depth, and class. The drill diameter is left up to the machinist. On my main PC, running windows 7 and using 2012, I can modify the system options to point to my network location for the HCFF and everything works great. Any tapped holes I detail use the custom callout like you would expect. On my laptop, also running windows 7 and using 2012 I modify the system options to point to the same network location. When I create a drawing and detail out threaded holes I get the original SLDWKS default thread callout. Its like SLDWKS is completely disregarding my network file and just using the default HCFF in the C: drive.


      If anyone could shed some light on this I would greatly appreciate it! Thank You