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    Geometric tolerancing

    Raul Bueno

      Everytime i add a geometric tolerance to a dimension it makes this solid line under the dimension is there any way to get rid of this while keeping the text in the same direction? It doesnt matter where i attach it to the dimenion it always draws the solid line under the dimension. The 17.387 dimension doesnt have it because i attacked it to the line im dimensioning to and dragged it out.



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          Raul Bueno

          i would really like to keep the geometric tolerance box with the dimension as i move it (which means you have to snap it to the dimension) but i want to get rid of that line.

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              Klaudiusz Skiba

              how exactly you are adding those geometric tools. I just right click on the dimension, >>>annotations>>geometric tools.

              And there is no line and geometric tool is connected to the dimension.

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                  Raul Bueno

                  I click on the geometric tolerance button under the annotation tab. Then i create the box i want, once it is made i just simply drag the box onto the dimension if you do it at 90deg as jamil says it instantly makes that solid line across. The only way i have found to get aorund the solid line is to add a leader to the box itself attach it to line your dimensioning to and then drag it out (that is what it looks like with the 17.387 dimension) if you snap it to the dimension you get the 11.360 dimension look and if you snap it to the dimension line and then click on 90deg. you get the 16.863 look.

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                Jamil Snead

                That is very weird. I have reproduced the problem on my system too.


                For the boxes attached to the leaders it seems to be a bug when you turn the tolerance box 90 degrees using the Set Vertical box.




                I have discovered that if you attach the tolerance box to the dimension leader while the box is horizontal, then click "Set Vertical", it will add the line as you showed. After it is attached to the leader instead of using the "Set Vertical" box, if you just type in 90 degrees it will rotate without adding the line. It might jump off the leader a bit but you can move it back.


                If you want the tolerance box next to the dimension like the following:




                I don't think it is possible to keep it connected to the dimension. Once you attach it to the dimension it appears how you showed.