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    Cannot get heat exchanger flow right

    Voicu Eduard

      For my diploma exam I have a heat exchanger. And I want to make a 3d model of it and a flow simuloation. Till now I've made everything but baffles and other minor components. But the flow in the tubes is not right. I'll upload the project here and the flow simulation data also. It's like the wall between pass 2 and 3, at the right end of the HX is passed through by the fluid. The particles form particle study doesn't want to enter the tubes, though one time I managed to do it. What am I missing?


      ps : everything is done in the assembly file. I know the project is pretty big [~100mb] but please give me a hint.







      le : I have updated my model and the fluid SEEMS to have a good trajectory. But : the temperature at TAME inlet side (you will see in my new model) is still not right, because it  is set to be at ~200 C but the plot shows it to be very low. Also the flow through baffles doesn't reach the end.


      le2: I have another problem too. I managed to get the temperatures change. The T in tubes is right but the one around baffles is rising. This is not possible.