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    Shortcut from EPDM to network drive

    Arto Kvick



      Already found the SPR #: 448253 (Windows lnk -files not working). And wrote to my VAR, but I was wondering, if anyone else is having similar issues with solution also... So I would like to insert shortcut to external folder or file to my project folder. Somehow EPDM renders the traditional shortcut useless.




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          Prasad Bhonsule

          Hi Arto,


          I had a workaround below:


          1. 1. Open windows explorer, hit alt, then click tool, folder options
          2. 2. In the View tab, make sure hide file extensions is unchecked and close the window
          3. 3. On the desktop, tight click and create a new text document, but change the filename INCLUDING the extension to sales.bat
          4. 4. Right click on the batch file and edit it
          5. 5. Enter the following line of text, replacing C:\Sales with the target:

          “C:\Windows\Explorer.exe” C:\Sales

          1. 6. Save and close the batch file
          2. 7. Test it by double clicking on it
          3. 8. Drag it into the vault and check it in
          4. 9. Test it by double clicking on it



          Hope it helps


          Best regards,