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    Set SwBomFeat = SwFeat.???

    Yong Ning


      Private Sub ll()

        Dim SwApp As SldWorks.SldWorks, SwModel As ModelDoc2, SwDraw As DrawingDoc

          Set SwApp = GetObject(, "SldWorks.Application")

          Set SwModel = SwApp.ActiveDoc

          Set SwDraw = SwModel

        Dim SwFeat As Feature, SwBomFeat As BomFeature

          Set SwFeat = SwModel.FirstFeature

          Do While Not SwFeat Is Nothing


            If SwFeat.GetTypeName = "BomFeat" Then

              Debug.Print SwFeat.Name, SwFeat.GetTypeName

              Set SwBomFeat = SwFeat.GetDefinition


            End If

            Set SwFeat = SwFeat.GetNextFeature


      End Sub


      Option Explicit

      Dim Dic As New Dictionary



      Function DicShowConf(SwComp As Component2)

         Dim SwModel As ModelDoc2, ConfStr

            ConfStr = SwComp.ReferencedConfiguration

            Set SwModel = SwComp.GetModelDoc


             If Not Dic.Exists(SwModel.GetTitle) Then

                If Not SwModel Is Nothing Then

                   Dic(SwModel.GetTitle) = ""

                   SwModel.ShowConfiguration ConfStr

                   Debug.Print SwModel.GetTitle, ConfStr

                End If

             End If

      End Function


      Private Sub ShowConfigOfComponent()

        Dim oDic As New Dictionary, Str, ii, jj


        Dim SwApp As SldWorks.SldWorks, SwModel As ModelDoc2, oSwModel As ModelDoc2

          Set SwApp = GetObject(, "SldWorks.Application")

          Set SwModel = SwApp.ActiveDoc

        Dim SwSelMgr As SelectionMgr

          Set SwSelMgr = SwModel.SelectionManager

        Dim SwAssy As AssemblyDoc, SwComp As Component2, oSwComp As Component2

          Set SwAssy = SwModel

        Dim SwConf As Configuration, SwRootComp As Component2

          Set SwConf = SwModel.GetActiveConfiguration

          Set SwRootComp = SwConf.GetRootComponent

        Dim ChildComp, oChildComp

          ChildComp = SwRootComp.GetChildren


          For ii = 0 To UBound(ChildComp)

             Set SwComp = ChildComp(ii)

             DicShowConf SwComp

             Set SwModel = SwComp.GetModelDoc

             If UCase(SwModel.GetTitle) Like "*SLDASM*" Then

                oChildComp = SwComp.GetChildren


                For jj = 0 To UBound(oChildComp)

                  Set oSwComp = oChildComp(jj)

                  DicShowConf oSwComp

                Next jj

             End If

          Next ii

      End Sub


      help me

      Set SwBomFeat = SwFeat.???



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