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Connection lost after unplugging network

Question asked by Pawel Demczuk on Jun 13, 2014

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to integrate a third party software using EDMLib.

The issues we are facing right now is that when a client goes into sleep mode, the network connection is lost.


We're using the following code each time a clients tries to send a document to PDM.


        If (m_oVault.IsLoggedIn = False) Then

            Call m_oVault.LoginAuto(CustomSettings.CONISIO_DATABASE, lHWnd)

        End If



        If (m_oVault.IsLoggedIn = True) Then

            Login = True


            Login = False

        End If


The thing is that when a computer goes to sleep mode the Vault.IsLoggedIn is True, and then our other calls, e.g. Vault.AddFolder, etc.Crash.

If we instead try to log in again, the API throws an exception that the user is logged in.


Is there a way to circumvent this issue or is there perhaps a work around? I know that this issue would resolve if the client disables network inactivity in sleep mode, but the issue persists also when the network drops orh the ethernet Cord is pulled out.


Much thanks!