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    unsolvable drawing

    Joseph Sensenig

      I have a layout drawing I am making in SW. There are many relations and dimensions. The drawing was working fine most of the day, but now when I opened it up again, and deleted the dimension shown in first picture, suddenly everything becomes unsolvable. I don't understand it, why deleting a dimension makes it unsolvable. This happens with various other dimensions as well.   Any help?



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          Jerry Steiger



          I didn't look at your part, so I can only offer generalizations. It is a mystery to me, as well, why deleting a dimension will push a sketch from OK to over-defined. What I usually find is that various elements in the sketch are over-defined in ways that normally don't cause problems. For example, two lines are parallel and both are also perpendicular to another line. Usually these extra relations don't cause problems, but it may be that too many of them drive SolidWorks over the brink.


          Sometimes the SketchXpert Diagnosis tool will find a helpful solution, although it really can take quite a while to work out a complicated sketch.


          Jerry S.