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    Replace a sketch in a loft

    Todd Bennett

      I have a loft using 14 spline sketch sections each on its own plane.  Each spline point is driven by an external database along with the spacing of the planes.  Sections 3 and 4 are not working well and need to be replaced.  I cannot change the values from the database (proprietary), but I need to tweak the loft.  The surface has other features built on it, so I cannot delete the surface and recreate it.


      I want to create a couple new spline sketches on planes 3 and 4 with relationships to the original sketch.

      Next, I want to have the same loft use my new sketches in place of the original sketchs -  I won't be deleting the original sketches.


      Is it possible to create new sketch sections then replace them in the existing loft?

      If not, is there another way to fix it?


      Thank you,


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          Deepak Gupta

          If you are using SW2014 then you can use /try the option of replace sketch (where you can replace the old sketch entities with new one and still keep the relation)


          If not then edit the sketch, convert old sketch to construction, add the new splines to complete the sketch. Finally edit lift and pick those new splines.

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              Todd Bennett

              I feel kinda dumb.  Maybe just lazy.


              I rolled back my feature manager to sketch3,

              created a new sketch resembing sketch3 (without relationships),

              rolled forward to sketch4,

              created a new sketch resembling sketch4 (without relationships),

              edited the existing loft,

              cleared the list of sections,

              picked sketches from 1 to 14 using the two new sketches instead of 3 and 4,

              edited the new sketches to have relationships from sketches 3 and 4.


              Thanks for the help