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    Propagating a hole wizard feature to an assembly file.

    Matthew Mirek

      I am working on a project where I need to insert a threaded hole in three sheets of material. However when I go to propogate the feature, the middle piece developes a dimple rather than an extruded hole. I have attached a picture below. However when I do not propogate the feature, the finished feature appears to be correct. Are there any settings I need to set or is this one of the SolidQuirks?

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          Deepak Gupta

          Welcome to SOLIDWORKS forums Matthew.


          Can you please make sure that plates are not same component i.e. all of three are different parts. If yes and they have an issue, can you please upload them here to check. Also can you make three new plates and try to replicate the issue?


          One thing you may want to try is propagate the feature to part. Then open the file with issues, suppress the hole feature and then undo. Finally check. I just remember this workaround done long back.


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