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    EPDM uninstallation

    Mohamed Tarek

      After EPDM uninstallation  I found the database of the EPDM was still in my computer .so I would like to ask a few questions about this issue :


      1. Is this normal or I there is something wrong in my computer or my uninstallation  (I would like to refer that's the uninstallation  process was successful) ?
      2. after removing EPDM , can the database I worked with be viewed or edited by someone else ?
      3. what is the steps to have a clean and no trace  of my EPDM product and all the related information like (database , workflow , ....etc.) ?


      Thanks in advance .

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          Ravi Teja

          Hi Tarek,

                   1. Yes,It is normal beaviour of software that SQL Db is not deleted when a vault view is deleted or software is uninstalled.This actually comes in handy in case a vault is accidently deleted.(That may not be the developers intention )

               2. If database is accessible,one can restore it and will get access to full epdm except Actual Files.This include Worflows,Logins,Cards basically everything you see in Admin INterface.

          3. Uninstall,Delete Dbs,Delet Registry from



          same from HKEY MACHINE





          Ravi T