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    Creating a custom assembly with configurations/appearances

    Gemma Hadfield

      Hi everyone,


      I'm hoping someone out there will be able to help with this one as I've struggled for months to come up with a good way of doing this.


      Most of our products require a cable, plug and switch adding.  I've attached a flow chart to show the different options we currently have (although more may be added in the future).


      At the moment, I’ve got a standard cable modelled (length of the cable is irrelevant as this is defined with a note on the drawing) with configurations linked to display states so I can easily change the colour, and same for each of the plugs and each of the switches...  However, what this means is that I have to put each component in to a new fitting assembly and mate it in everytime.


      What I wanted to do is have some sort of main assembly that contains all the plug/switch/cable combinations (both physical and colour), that I could just drop in to any product then pick which components I want and what colours.  I’ve tried doing this but hit a bit of a stumbling block with configurations within configurations and can’t quite get it to work how I wanted it to.


      The only way at the moment I can think of doing it, is in the assembly of the wire/switch/plug, creating a configuration for each physical combination and of course all it's colour options, but I’d end up with so many configurations within the assembly that it would be hard to find.


      I was hoping that I'd be able to drop this assembly into the light fitting, and from there select the physical configuration (e.g. UK plug, foot switch) and then be able to select the colour configurations from those parts somehow (e.g. UK plug - black, foot switch - gold, cable - clear).


      Does anyone know a way of doing this, or have an alternative solution?


      Many thanks in advance for any help that you can offer.



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          Jamil Snead

          As much as you can I would try to have all of the options for each component be configurations within that component. For example, have the cable could have 4 configs, one for each color. I imagine each switch needs to be a different file, but the different colors could be configurations within the switch file. Let's say the only options that require unique files are the plugs and the switches. You can then build your assembly with every component combination. Let's say you have 3 plugs, that would mean your assembly only needs 12 configurations for each combination of (3) plug - (1) cable - (4) switch.


          When you go to use the assembly you could pick the combination you want, then manually change the configs of the parts to get the colors you want. Once you drop it into the destination assembly you'd probably need to dissolve it, or else the next time you changed a color it would propagate through all the other assemblies that used that cable.


          I don't know what the plug options are but if the different plugs could be configurations within the same part that would simplify things further. If not you could create an assembly that just has all of the different plugs in it and a configuration for each with all but that one plug suppressed. Then you could create some sketch in the plug assembly to use for mating so that switching between the plugs wouldn't mess up the mates. If you can do this then you would pick the plug type just as you would pick the cable color before, and then the only configs of the cable assembly would be for each switch type.


          That's just one way you could approach it, I hope that all makes sense.