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    Userforms - Configurations

    Nick Hayman

      Morning all,


      Attached is a macro that takes a design library sketch and places it onto a selected plane. Using left and right planes as reference to position it.



      Id like to set up a user form that controls which configuration is chosen when bringing in the library sketch. In the case of the attached macro the configurations is set as shown below:


      ' Set the name of the active library feature configuration

          swLibFeat.ConfigurationName = "3"


      So I would like a userform to show up with an options button - 1, 2 & 3. Where 1,2 & 3 are the names of the configuration. Hope that makes sense?


      Can you also show me how to link this to a text box? Same idea but if a number which isnt 1, 2 & 3 is entered a Message box appears saying try again.



      Im sure this is simple to do but so far i have failed! First effort with userforms.


      Many Thanks in advance.