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A journal file could not be created error

Question asked by Josh Commet on Apr 23, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2014 by Ian Worrall

I get an error in solidworks 2014 stating that "A journal file could not be created. Auto rcover will not work. Another session of solidworks may already be running on this machine". I will get this message when ever launching solidworks for the second time. I am on windows 8.1 and solidworks appears to shut down correctly however if I navigate to my task manager I notice that under background processes there are a few apps running that i am thinking are causing these problems and I dont believe they should be running once i close solidworks.


The task are as follows: sldBgDwldresu (32 bit), SldWorks_fs, SldWorks_fs, SolidWorks 2014, SolidWorks 2014, Solidworks Resource Monitor, and Solidworks Resource Monitor as seen in the image belowsw.jpg


If its my first launch of the day i do not get the journal file error or if I force close the background processes shown above it will also not give me errors but I dont believe I should have to do this and there must be a way to get rid of this error in an easier mannor i would assume.


Thank you very much!


Josh C