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    Macro Icons Disappearing?

    Eric L. Pheterson

      Hey Guys,


      Not sure if this is just me, though this issue has started to get a bit frustrating. I'm using the famous Free Solidworks OBJ Exporter v2.0 and I add the little icon right beside my save button in the tippy top toolbar. It always seems to stay for an indeterminate amount of time, even through closing/re-opening Solidworks, and reboots, then all of a sudden disappears. All the time, I go to use the macro and it's gone. I re-add it again, no problem, then it's gone within days.


      Has anybody else experienced this? Is there something I can do to make it stay? Is it that the toolbar with the save button is holy, and cannot be modified without it reverting back to default? Please enlighten me!