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    Suppress feature

    Sanya Shmidt

      Hello everybody,


      can you please help me with the code, I`m trying to suppress a feature in a part. Feature name is known as "VertObr_Pattern" it is a pattern of obrounds.


      I`ve found a lot of examples but they seems very complicated to me. Wondering if there is something easy like in inventor ilogic -


      Feature.IsActive("OBROUNDS")=False  ' supresses OBROUND feature. Simple and easy.



      I found the following code, but not sure if it will work for a single part and how to modify it to suppress one feature?



                  swFeat.Name = "VertObr_Pattern" ' I tried this - but it gives me a error



                  swEditPart = swEditModel

                  swFeat = swEditPart.FeatureByName(featName) : Debug.Assert(Not swFeat Is Nothing)

                  retval = swFeat.Select2(False, 0) : Debug.Assert(retval)

                  retval = swEditModel.EditSuppress2: Debug.Assert(retval)




      Any help is appreciated.


      Thank you,