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    PDF Plot Style Inconsistent with Direct Plot - Hatching and Line Thickness

    Sean Sotola

      Hello solidworks users,


      I have a bit of a pdf linetype issue I wanted to get feedback on.


      This photo (below) is a screenshot of the logo on a drawing. Each colour is a separate block with a separate layer. Colour_1, Colour_2, Outline. The outline is on a thicker linetype layer.


      This photo (below) is a scan of drawing logo when the drawing is saved as a PDF, and the pdf is printed. It appears the linetype thickness did not commute on the outline.


      This photo (below) is a scan of drawing logo when printed from Solidworks (no conversion to pdf). The linetype thickness commuted properly.



      It appears to me that on the PDF of the logo, the hatching is placed "in front" of the ouline, partially eclipsing the line, making it seem thinner. For whatever reason, this doesn't happen with the print.


      Does anyone know how to make the PDF look like the direct-print? Is there any way to "plot" to a pdf instead of saving to a pdf?


      Thanks in advance,