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Detached Drawings still updating w/Assembly

Question asked by Kevin Curry on Apr 29, 2014

Hello All,


Long time reader, first time poster. I really have learned a lot here. Thanks!

I have a situation where we use an assembly for several different drawings. To create a drawing I go to the assembly add the parts I need for the drawing and supress the parts I don't need. The advantage is that we often change notes and info in the title block. I like detached drawings because I can preserve a drawing and then edit title blocks etc without having to reload the model. I realize we could use configurations, but this is how it's been done for a while.


The issue I'm having is that my detached drawings are still updating with the model. When I open a detached drawing there is a pop-up that asks if I would like to reload the model, no matter what I choose, the drawing updates anyway.


Any ideas how i can keep my detached drawings detached?