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    My View Clients don't see the latest drawings

    Mike Sveda

      One thing that Solidworks needs to fix is for my Viewer clients who do not have Solidworks, only eDrawngs.


      If a person opens a Solidworks drawing (latest version switch is on) in eDrawings, the version loaded is NOT the latest which is causing issues with the wrong revision going to the shop. 


      Is there any solution to this?   If I could block those users from seeing .slddrw files that would be great but there is no easy way to do this.  I can't block them from seeing ALL the released drawings in the released state. 


      Any ideas?

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          Arie Van Gelderen

          Hi Mike,


          Maybe you can use the automatic caching options for this. Then the users will not have old local versions anymore.



          You need EPDM 2014 for this, though.


          Hope this helps,


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            Phil Morris

            I just posted my API solution on a similar question but I'm intrigued by these "automatic caching options" in 2014.


            My solution: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/425530#425530

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                Chris Storm

                Hi All,


                This issue with eDrawings not displaying the latest version is NOT only a cache issue.  I have the same issue with our Purchasing Dept, who uses the viewers inside EnterprisePDM Windows Explorer view to print off PDF files from the SLDDRW files or drag copies to their desktops and then open them in eDrawings.


                I just did it now - I cleared my cache and then opened the latest version of a drawing, that is at rev 2 now, in eDrawings.   The drawing is 'partially' 1 version older.  I say partially, because the revsion in the title block says rev 2 (a custom property that Enterprise drives....which is tied to the latest version).  Yet the dimension that changed per rev 2 is still the old dimension in the prior version.


                Now if I open this same latest version in Solidworks, it is all correct (the dimension is the correct updated dimension).


                Other issues with eDrawings (for years now).  Our old revision block at the top of the drawing was an Excel table.....before SW created their own tables about 7+ years ago.   For years now, the Excel tables, in eDrawings, just disappear.  They're there when opening in SW, though.


                Also, eDrawings has for years now had issues with showing the updated revision in the title block.  I have Enterprise bumping up the rev upon a state change I called 'Released'.   That rev is tied to the title block via a custom property.  Yet, if an eDrawings only person opens the drawing in eDrawings, the rev in the title block is still the older rev.  And worse, this isn't every drawing....a red herring.


                ugh!  eDrawings has some real issues.   The only options I've been living with for a long time now is for Purchasing to 'request' a pdf of the files they need from Engineering, so they can open the files in SW and print off a pdf.   Either that or I have to install and train all of the Purchasing Dept how to use Solidworks.   Or, I have to make a trigger that, upon state change to Released, print off a PDF file and store it......for every file in Enterprise.   It's currently 1 terabyte of data.  That's a ton of PDFs to store, just because eDrawings can't display the updated version correctly.

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                Clark Honzik

                Just a thought but is it possible that the viewers do not have permision to see working versions?  If this is the case then they would only be able to get the latest released version and not nessasarily the latest checked in version.

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                  Brian Morris

                  Working on a similar issue right now, this could be the cause:


                  eDrawings is able to show updated property values for annotations in a drawing title block, for example a revision property updated via an Enterprise PDM data card or workflow action.


                  In order to do this however, eDrawings must use the SolidWorks API (Document Manager) installed on the system otherwise the updated property is not seen unless the drawing is opened and resaved in SolidWorks (i.e. the old value is seen).


                  If installing eDrawings on a system where Enterprise or SolidWorks is installed, the Document Manager API should already be installed (if properties are not updated verify that the annotation is indeed using a $PRPSHEET link as model $PRP links will not automatically show updated within eDrawings).


                  If using eDrawings on a standalone system, also install the Document Manager API. Install it from the SolidWorks install media under \SWDocMgr.   After the install register the API by opening a command prompt and stepping into the install folder (by default c:\program files\document manager) - then type: regsvr32 swdocumentmgr.dll.


                  If installing SolidWorks Explorer the Document Manager API is normally also installed and registered automatically.


                  Alternatively copy the files directly from a system where eDrawings updates the properties correctly. If installed by Enterprise or SolidWorks the files are found under c:\program files\common files\SolidWorks shared\.  Copy SwDocumentMgr.dll and zlib.dll and then register as shown above. Note that on a 64-bit system the 32-bit document manager registered found under c:\Program files (x86)\Common files\SolidWorks is shared instead.

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                    Faur Arama

                    Hello Mike,


                    If your designers made modifications on 3D models but not open drawings files to reflect modifications the viewers will see an old drawing image in edrawings.