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Divide a Surface Plane with Split Line to make Equal Areas

Question asked by Eric Schultz on Apr 24, 2014



This is my first post in the Discussion area and I was wondering if someone would be able to help me develop a macro that takes an existing split line on an existing surface plane and iterate the dimension until both surfaces are equal in area.  Below is a link to a forum topic that is very close to what is being described.  I contacted Luke Malpass from that post and he sent me the macro but it does not do exactly what I am looking for.


I have attached the original he sent me called Area Solver and one I tried to modify called Cobble but I admitteldy do not know enough about what I am doing to be successful at it.  I broke each half of the split surface into different bodies with a surface offset feature at 0 distance.  So if someone could possibly help me out that would be awesome.