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    Design Library - Part - Add in and Use From

    Fred Vraj

      Hi Guys,

      I am getting really confused and thank you for your help in advance....

      I have been doing and using the same parts in SW all over again every week and I need to make it easier for myself.


      What I have done:

      I have added ,, Add File Location ,, within design Library ( in my case, called ,,MY PARTS,,

      I have not added any parts in it via Design Library but folder shows everything which is in it my PC in this folder.

      Can I just use those parts from this Design Library/MY PARTS for any further work?

      Or do I have to add all the parts in it manually?

      Or are they put in automatically when they are saved in the PC folder ,,MY PARTS ,,?

      Now, I want to use lets say PART 001.

      I drag the PART 001 in the working screen within SW.

      Now, I do some changes to this part if necessary, how do I save this dragged part as a new part? is it SAVE AS?

      If I dont click SAVE AS but just a SAVE...will this affect every assembly that includes this part?


      It makes me think, is not SW Design Library just  a SHORTCUT to my folder MY PARTS in my PC?



      How does this work if I save SKETCH into this Design Library?

      If I use SKETCH from this Library, do some changes and click SAVE,

      will this affect every file in my PC that includes this sketch?


      Thank you so much for your help......:-)

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          Tarun Pant



          Either make the configurations of the part or else you have to “Save As” in the same folder to use it in different assemblies.



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            Jeff Wierengo



            Yes, the design library is basically a shortcut to files that exist somewhere on your computer. If you make changes to a part that you bring in from the design library it will be reflected in every assembly that uses that part. You can use "save as" to create a new part and leave the original part unchanged but if you have any assemblies open that contain the part they will be updated with the new name. If you have parts that you want to reuse from the library but should not be changed you can use windows to set the file to "read only". If you try to change the part you will get a message reminding you that it is read only. You can still use save as to change it to another part though.

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                Fred Vraj

                Hi Jeff,

                Thank you it has started to make sense now:-) I will do a few test parts and see ho I go.

                Btw, you know, when you drag new feature from the library to a work place with part in it, you have to choose reference points so the feature goes to the right point.

                I got a feature with 2 ref points but the little feature pop-up would not highlight those points. Normally, they should get visible when you click on the feature. In the left selection box.

                Would you be able to help with this one?

                Have a great day Jeff!!!