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Solidworks 2013SP2 installation

Question asked by David Steadman on Apr 17, 2014


I'm hoping this is a quick question guys and gals ;

I have a valid installation which installs from an admistrative image without error.and a working license server.

Howerver when I launch Solidworks I am asked to accept a licence agreement - Is there anyway I can get rid of this as part of the Install?

perhaps with an 'ACCEPTEULA' or 'ACCEPT LICENCE=1 or something similar?


Here is my command line ;


"\\gxxxxxx\xxxxx\sldim\sldIM.exe" /adminclient /new /source "\\gxxxxxx\xxxxx\AdminDirector.xml" /norunsw

Del /q "C:\Users\Public\Desktop\SolidWorks eDrawings 2012.lnk"

RMDIR /S /Q “C:\SolidWorks Data”