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How would you mate this ??

Question asked by Tod Mailler on Apr 1, 2014
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Greetings !


What is the best practice to easily reassemble two parts originally designed to go together ?


This is the kind of trivial and obvious detail about SW that i should know by know !


I made this small set of steps to explain my question:


1: This is the desired result in assembly.

Note: that this picture is rendered form the base part file and not from an assembly.


2: This shows the start of the design process.



3: This is the spitting step using a simple surface.




4: I wand to add another eventual "mate" difficulty by having the cap slightly thinner.


5: The basic part is complete... now we save both bodies in seperated part files.


6: In a new assembly, we add the two parts (i.e. Cap and bowl) and our challenge is to mate/position them together. (HOW ?)



The 4 files involved in this demonstration are attached.


Thanks for any help.