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    Projected Curve

    Santiago Abascal



      I am having a trouble with a projected curve, i am modeling audi r8,  and I am using 2 sketches on 2 differnt planes and the two lines in the sketches  are coincident but when I project the curve the projected curve is short by a tiny bit not allowing me to sweep along, I have re-drawn it a few time to make sure the sizes are correct but i cant figure out why the curve is short. I already try to sketch the missing part in a 3d sketch but it didnt work, i hope someone could help me. I attach the image and my solidworks file.

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          Nathan Rollins

          Have you ever used a projected (3D) curve as a sweep path?  I did not think this was possible.  Hopefully I am wrong and someone will educate me (us).


          Do your sketches come to a vertical tangent at their ends?  This might be a way to trouble shoot - take away the vertical tangency at the end points and see if you get what you expect.  Maybe a 0.1° end condition is acceptable and will let the feature work?


          Also, maytbe try extending the planar sketches beyond what they need to be - do this sequentally (first one sketch, then the other ) to see if either one is the culprit...


          Many times you need to trick the software and getting creative with your tricks can help.  I look forward to seeing what the real experts have to say.  Good thing it is Friday (here...)



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            Erik Bilello



            You should be able to sweep along a projected curve.  I've done it plenty of times.

            The reason your curve is coming up short is that the left end of the spline in sketch Croquis1 is just a little bit past the end of Sketch14.  I drew a vertical construction line (colored pink) through the end point of the spline. You can see the spline is just to the left of it in the area that corresponds to the missing part of your projected curve.

            spline off tangent.PNG