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    Service Pack Upgrade

    Adam Meyer
      Hi All,

      We need to install the latest service pack to fix some issues we are having, and I was wondering if there is a guide or some recommendations that I should follow?


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          Todd Puckett
          Once you download SP3 and run the exe, the guides will extract to c:\SWDist\pdmwenterprise\Support\Guides\GB. The Installation Guide is very well written and thorough.
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            Corey Hinman
            • Download SP files to folder accessible to both Archive and Database server
            • Check in all documents
            • Make sure everyone is out of Enterprise
            • Back up the SQL Database
            • Back up the Archive server's "vault data" folder
            • Upgrade the Archive server installation (requires reboot)
            • Upgrade Database server, you'll need name of server, ex: (local) and sa password (requires reboot)
            • From Database server, open Upgrade/Upgrade.exe from SP folder location
            • In the admin tool, if your vault shows a red plus, right click and select upgrade.
            • Upgrade client installs

            That's it!


            ~Corey Hinman, CEPA

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                Brian McEwen

                Thanks very much Corey.  For what it is worth, below is what I got from my VAR... Obviously he left out backups (we don't have much to backup at this point). I think he is just saying some of the same things in a different way. 


                For your line about the Upgrade.exe -  when you run the pdmwenterprise.exe does it create the Upgrade folder? That is one step I don't see mentioned by my VAR.


                Some of this I would probably learn by doing, except that IT is the one running the update so I have to give clear instructions that will last. I don't get to touch servers, and not sure that I want to. 



                They don’t document SP upgrades [[would be still be nice]] because the only things that are mandatory are updating the archive server and the database server software and then the clients of course. If you are using any of the tasks in EPDM then you will want to update the SWTaskAddin as well.

                The process should only take about 15 minutes from start to finish and is as follows:

                -        Download EPDM service pack from Customer Portal

                -        Extract data and start installation.

                -        On the server, update both the archive/database/web server [[We have archive server and database server on one unit. ]] and the client (if applicable).

                -        On the client machines, update the EPDM client software from the same executable.

                -        To update the add-ins, right-click the vault from any computer and select Import and then browse into <install directory>\Default Data and import one of the task cex files (Convert_gb, DesignChecker_gb or Print_gb). Confirm that you do want to update the add-in (if you have configured the task but not renamed it, you will want to select No to upgrade the task itself because it will default back to the factory task settings).


                No physical archives, no databases and no license files should be required.