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    View Labels

    Kieran Choy

      I'm setting up new drawing templates for our company, and noticed some extra view label functionality (I think?) to add labels to orthographic views, etc.


      I'm wondering if there's a way for the View Label to inherit the name from the View Palette in the Task Pane, rather than the Drawing Tree. Any ideas? I noticed there's a CUSTOM option, but it leaves the view annotation blank.


      2014-03-25 10_48_35-SolidWorks Professional 2014 x64 Edition - [Boss-Extrude1 - Sheet1 _].png

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          Matthew Lorono

          Kieran, you have indeed discovered new functionality in SW2014.   I recommend reading thru the recent What's New, as there is a lot of these types of improvements in both SW2013 and SW2014. 


          To answer your question, there is currently no way to link the View Pallet name with the view label.  This is an interesting need.  I'd like to ask that you submit an Enhancement Request, include an example of how you would use this capability if it was available.