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    Reorder numbers function

    Todd Bennett

      Does anyone have a function (or snippet) for reordering three variables highest to lowest?


      I have three variables: dimA, dimB, and dimC (all as Double).

      I need them reordered so that dimC is always the smallest number and dimA is always the largest.

      dimA and dimB may be equal as long as they are larger than dimC.

      dimB and dim C may be equal as long as they are smaller than dimA.

      If dimA, dimB, and dimC are all equal, nothing needs to change.


      I made some If, Then, Else statements but there is a bug I couldn't figure out (it has been deleted).




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          Todd Bennett

          This works but it seems clunky.  I wouldn't want to use it with many more variables.


          dim dblA as double

          dim dblB as double

          dim dblC as double


          dim tempA as double

          dim tempB as double


          tempA = dblA

          tempB = dblB


          If dblC > dblB Then

              dblB = dblC

              dblC = tempB

          End If


          If dblB > dblA Then

              dblA = dblB

              dim = tempA

          End If


          If dblC > dblB Then

              dblC = dblB

              dblB = tempB

          End If

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            Simon Turner

            Which language?

            .Net (so, c#, VB or even VSTA macros) have access to System.Collections which all have Sort facilities

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                  Josh Brady

                  Google "bubble sort"

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                      Todd Bennett

                      I looked up "bubble sort" and the improved "selection sort".  There are a few problems.


                      1) I haven't finished my coffee.

                      2) I don't know C++ (or how to convert it to VBA)

                      3) I'm not working with integers.

                      4) I haven't finished my coffee.

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                          Simon Turner

                          In VBA, you can use a Collection.

                          Then this article has 2 links to code which sort Collections:



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                              Todd Bennett

                              Here's my fix:


                              Function GnomeSort(ByRef pvarArray As Variant)

                                  Dim i As Long

                                  Dim j As Long

                                  Dim iMin As Long

                                  Dim iMax As Long

                                  Dim varSwap As Variant


                                  iMin = LBound(pvarArray) + 1

                                  iMax = UBound(pvarArray)

                                  i = iMin

                                  j = i + 1


                                  Do While i <= iMax

                                      If pvarArray(i) < pvarArray(i - 1) Then

                                          varSwap = pvarArray(i)

                                          pvarArray(i) = pvarArray(i - 1)

                                          pvarArray(i - 1) = varSwap

                                          If i > iMin Then i = i - 1


                                          i = j

                                          j = j + 1

                                      End If



                              End Function


                              Private Sub XYZ()


                                  Dim tempVar As Variant

                                  Dim XYZvar(3) As Variant


                                  Set swApp = CreateObject("SldWorks.Application")

                                  Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc


                                  If bPartIsReady = False Or bAssembly = False Then

                                      Corners = Part.GetPartBox(False)


                                      XYZvar(1) = Abs(Corners(3) - Corners(0))

                                      XYZvar(2) = Abs(Corners(5) - Corners(2))

                                      XYZvar(3) = Abs(Corners(4) - Corners(1))


                                      tempVar = GnomeSort(XYZvar)


                                      txtX.Value = Format$(XYZvar(3), "####.000") ' Length is always the longest side

                                      txtY.Value = Format$(XYZvar(2), "####.000") ' Width/height/depth is whatever is not length or thickness

                                      txtZ.Value = Format$(XYZvar(1), "####.000") ' Thickness is always the shortest side

                                  End If


                              End Sub

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                      Piotr Regula

                      Best way to do this is to assign your values to an array like so:




                      Option Explicit


                      Dim dblA, dblB, dblC, dblTemp As Double

                      Dim dblArray(0 To 2) As Double

                      Dim i, j As Integer


                      Sub main()


                          dblA = 3

                          dblB = 4

                          dblC = 1


                          dblArray(0) = dblA

                          dblArray(1) = dblB

                          dblArray(2) = dblC


                          For i = 0 To UBound(dblArray)

                              For j = i + 1 To UBound(dblArray)

                                  If dblArray(i) < dblArray(j) Then

                                      dblTemp = dblArray(i)

                                      dblArray(i) = dblArray(j)

                                      dblArray(j) = dblTemp

                                  End If

                              Next j

                          Next i


                          dblA = dblArray(0)

                          dblB = dblArray(1)

                          dblC = dblArray(2)


                      End Sub




                      If you want to use more values just change the length of the array