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Add-In fails when with two EPDM Explorer windows open

Question asked by Mike Gann on Mar 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by bob chen

I just deployed my first add-in written in 2010. Its a simple add-in that responds to a button on the data card. When the button is clicked the add-in reads variables off the data card to build a PDF file name, then opens the PDF.


This all works fine the first time you open a EPDM explorer window. But if I close the first explorer window and open another Explrer window or open a second explorer windor then the  I get a Solidworks Enterprise PDM error message box with the text:


Call to method 'OnCmd' in add-in 'xxxx', writen by company 'yyyy' failed. Error code = 0x08001010E (The application called an initerface that was marshalled for a different thread).


Add-in error message.jpg

So it seems like there is an issue if the add-in is called a second time by a different inistance of the EPDM explorer interface.


The code is attached if you would like to look at it.



Once again, any help is appreciated!